Behind the Scenes

Take One Pizza was founded after the epiphany that great tasting pizza did not have to be expensive, take your entire lunch break, or be overly pretentious. Take One Pizza is about casual dining with friends with delicious pizza made to order in minutes just the way YOU WANT IT.

We've taken the model of a movie studio—call it the pizza studio—and made you the director at Take One Pizza where you call the shots. Pick the toppings you want exactly the way you want. Our staff moves when you say action and your pizzas are ready in 5 minutes or less. Daily, our chef hand selects over 40 fresh ingredients and toppings to choose from. Flaming hot, our brick ovens bake your pizza in three minutes or less. We are all about great flavor and convenience.

Meet the Team

Ruell Medina
Pizza Director
Ruell is a co-founder of Take One. His focus is on developing brand strategy and customer experience.
Tony T
Tony is co-founder of Take One. His focus on the set is getting pies produced at the best quality.
Rommel Medina
Executive Producer
Rommel is a co-founder of Take One. His role is to keep everything together and make sure the pies are greased.
Aubrey Medina
Pizza Editor
Aubrey is the head editor of all pies produced from the factory. All of the pies created at Take One have her autograph before they are released.

Join the Take One Pizza team in our San Jose or South San Francisco Location.
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